Architect Sophie Dries reimagines Mannerist caves for Arturo Arita’s floral gallery in Paris

Located a stone’s throw from the Palais-Royal and the Louvre’s Cour Carrée, Arturo Arita's flower gallery is inspired by Mannerist caves

Arturo Arita’s floral gallery in Paris
(Image credit: Brice Chatenoud)

A setting of magic and poetry, Arturo Arita’s gallery will display the floral artist’s decadent artworks. With stylised forms and precise arrangements, each piece channels Arita’s love for the Art Deco period.

Also inspired by the Mannerist caves of the Italian Renaissance, architect Sophie Dries reinterpreted the baroque fantasies to amalgamate mineral freshness and lush vegetation for Arita’s floral gallery. Keeping in mind Arita’s passion for Art Deco, Dries uses mirrors, a modest palette and contrasting textures to visualise the artistic movement’s influence on the floral artist’s oeuvre – order, colour and geometry.

A textured white wall with plants in holes

(Image credit: Brice Chatenoud)

Originally from Honduras, Arita grew up in New York City before moving to Paris, where he became fascinated by the exotic flowers that flourished in botanical gardens – particularly by the majesty of the plants’ large leaves, which he uses as the focal point in many arrangements.

The unique floral placements have become instantly recognisable across Paris, and Arita’s artwork has even attracted the attention of high-profile designers – he recently created a presentation for Christian Louboutin’s flagship store in the French capital. 

Now open to the public Arita’s floral gallery is a place of wonders – showcasing the brilliant artistic potential plants have to create emotion and composition through precise stylised arrangements.

A portrait of Arturo Arita

Arturo Arita

(Image credit: Noel Manalili)

A flower arrangement

(Image credit: By Castel)

Arturo Arita’s floral gallery in Paris

(Image credit: Brice Chatenou)