Sturdy, sleek and one of the highest-spec touch-screen interface phones we’ve found, Sony Ericsson’s new Satio™ is a super-speedy entertainment centre with a whole glut of extras to boot.
Satio’s™ indisputable top feature is its 12.1 megapixel digital camera. Featuring a 12 X digital zoom, Xenon flash, image stabilizer and even face detection - Satio’s™ in-built camera is better than most compact image capturers we’ve come across.
Sony Satio
Aside from its photographic superiority, Satio’s™ responsive touch screen is simple to get the hang of and the scrolling interface, in standard Sony Ericsson style, is both navigable and attractive.
Boasting a 3,5 inch Wide screen with 640*360 resolution, true-colour touch screen - along with downloadable movies, music and games abound - we were able to access everything at the flip of a finger, -and the 8GB memory card, which comes as standard, renders the entertainment process impeccably smooth.
Sony Satio
Whilst we wouldn’t count Internet accessibility as a particularly ‘cutting edge’ extra feature, Satio™ in fact provides Internet access at it’s smoothest - with WiFi, Bluetooth and modem connectivity ensuring we were never caught short with somewhere to be.
With almost too many extra features to mention - ranging from video calling and GPS location tracking to downloadable applications and super-fast email accessibility -Satio™ (available in black, silver and Bordeaux) is a touch screen phone at the very top of its game.