The room fragrance diffuser, while certainly needed, is rarely a well-designed accessory. From clumsy reed diffusers to plug-in air fresheners, there are few non-candle varieties that truly hit the mark.

Thankfully, the latest creation from Cire Trudon, the illustrious French candle company that made tapers for the court of Louis XV, puts its compatriots to shame. Designed by Pauline Deltour, ‘La Promeneuse’ is an elegant fragrance diffuser that comes in the guise of an old-fashioned lantern. Made from grooved, Italian antique glass and paired with brass hardware, a scented cameo is placed atop a brass spoon, before resting in a ceramic dish that’s in turn, heated by a tea light from below. As the wax cameo melts, one of eight iconic Cire Trudon fragrances is released gradually and perfumes the room.

Deltour’s design cleverly riffs on Cire Trudon’s centuries’ old heritage – not only by incorporating classical cameos, but also in its charmingly nostalgic lantern shape. Minimally rendered in contemporary materials however, La Promeneuse (which translates as ‘the walker’) is a must for the modern age. Each delicate cameo and tea light lasts up to eight hours and is easily replaced with the aid of the brass spoon, which helps remove the melted wax. With eight of Cire Trudon’s most recognizable scents to choose from, this accessory will undoubtedly be put to good use.