Force of beauty: new makeup brand 3INA opens first store, in Covent Garden

A new makeup brand
3INA, a new makeup brand by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, stems from the creators' passion for products that are simultaneously luxurious, honest and accessible
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Coating Covent Garden in a fresh array of colours is 3INA (pronounced ‘Mina’) – a new makeup brand and store by retail experts Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve. From eyes to lips, skincare to nails, ‘3INA’ has launched with a whopping 450 products – all made in Europe – and will continue to release new products every three weeks for endless artistic creativity.

3INA's first campaign is ‘#LETSPAINT’, which encourages women to break out of formulaic beauty molds and invent new methods for expressing and enhancing their own individual beauty. ‘#LETSPAINT’ mixes and matches colour, shades and formulas in the hope of bringing fun and playfulness back into the makeup experience.

Inaugural products include the ‘3INA Pen Eyeliner’ in vivid colours with up to 12-hour wear; the ‘3INA Longwear Lipstick’ with rich pigmentation and a non-drying formula; and the ‘3INA Matte & Smooth Face Primer’ which is perfect for prepping the skin before any makeup routine. With easy application and a lasting period of four days is the ‘3INA Nail Polish’; and when you’re ready to cleanse and rejuvenate your canvas, the ‘3INA Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover’ washes away even the most stubborn products thanks to its shake-to-activate formula.

3INA is also launching with a strong development team. Tom Singh, New Look founder and 3INA investor, and César Perez Luna, a former executive in cosmetics at Sephora and Douglas, help to create the ‘real, accessible beauty’ of 3INA. MarioTestino+ are brand guardians and oversee and consult on all creative aspects, including brand identity, vision and trends; while Net-a-Porter's Helen McGee also joins as head of marketing. KIKO's Cristina Cobo leads product development with Apple’s Toni Minguet, in charge of innovative retail technology, completing 3INA's unstoppable beauty force.

3INA Pencil Eye Shadow

Products such as the '3INA Pencil Eye Shadow' (left) channel the company credo that 'beauty without expression is boring'; the ‘3INA Pen Eyeliner’ (right) factors vivid colours with up to 12-hour wear

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3INA Matte & Smooth Face Primer

The expert team responsible for wares like the '3INA Milk and Toner' (left) and the '3INA Matte & Smooth Face Primer' (right) are referred to as '#3INAMAKERS' and are involved with all aspects of the brand

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3INA Longwear Lipstick and Lip Remover

Apply the '3INA Longwear Lipstick' (left) for a night out, and then cleanse and refresh your skin with the '3INA Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover' (right)

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3INA Automatic Eye Pencil and Mascara

The '3INA Automatic Eye Pencil' (left) and the '3INA Definition Mascara' (right) are perfect for day and night wear and balance beautifully with the brighter, more vibrant '3INA' shades

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The 3INA store is now open, with an ecommerce site and an app soon to launch. For more information, visit 3INA’s website


6 James Street
Covent Garden
London, WC2E 8BH