Buy, make and eat from ceramics at Les Faiseurs pottery atelier in Montreal

Interior view of the café at Les Fraiseurs featuring light coloured walls, grey floors, pendant lights, a long wooden table with a hole and tree at one end, wooden stools, blue tables and black chairs. There is a partitioned area where food and drinks are served featuring a counter, black bar stools, various appliances, cupboards, shelving and products on display
Les Fraiseurs, Montreal
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Les Faiseurs is the new pottery workshop in Montreal targeted at exploring the form, function and fun of ceramics. The atelier – which merges a workshop, café, gallery and shop – offers a holistic approach to pot-making; fit for beginner-spinners and ceramic connoisseurs alike.

The owner and entrepreneur behind Les Faiseurs only started making pots herself two years ago. Right away, she was hooked. ‘I quickly noticed that I wasn’t the only one: everyone around me was becoming enthralled with this new activity,’ she explains. ‘However, I found that spaces in Montreal that allow for exploration of this art form and its different expressions, were lacking. That’s what pushed me to launch Les Faiseurs.’

As well as making pots here, guests can also eat from them. The menu – which includes recipes developed in partnership with Christelle Tanielian, author of the Christelle is Flabbergasting blog – infuses fresh, seasonal products from local producers; take the coffee, for example, which comes from coffee roaster ZAB café, served on site.

Local design firm Catherine Catherine was tasked with creating the multifunctional space, with the aim of making it a relaxed environment in which to learn about lustre, and pot-peruse. The design duo (made up of Catherine Gomes-Aubin and Catherine Breton-Potvin) were keen for the different functions of the space to feel distinct, yet complementary, achieved by a wall of windows between showroom and workshop, linked by a conjoining, bespoke mural. The bijou space is rounded-off with the welcome addition of a picture-perfect terrace.

First and foremost, this is a place of zen, where the therapeutic qualities of hand-forming a pot are impressed upon and celebrated. As Les Frasieurs’ signature tote bags read, ‘Pottery is the new yoga’.

Close up view of a wall at Les Fraiseurs featuring peg board style shelving. The shelves are wooden and there is pottery on one shelf and a plant in a pot on another

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Interior view of the workshop at Les Fraiseurs featuring a light coloured wall with shelving, grey floors, pendant lights, wooden storage units, wooden bench style tables, stools and pottery wheels

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Alternative interior view of the café at Les Fraiseurs featuring a light coloured wall with a black design, grey floors, a long wooden table with hole and tree at one end, wooden stools, pendant lights, black bar stools at the café counter and a dark blue cushioned backless seat running along the wall

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Interior view of a space at Les Fraiseurs featuring a white wall, a yellow door with an arched frame and a glass window offering a partial view of the staircase

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For more information, visit the Les Faiseurs website

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