Masculine minimalism: Dutch firm reveal RZR sharp concept

Masculine minimalism: Dutch firm reveal RZR sharp concept

From newly founded company RZR comes a men’s razor hoping to revert back ‘to the traditional male shaving ritual’ without negating the comfort achieved by modern shaving products.

RZR is a new Netherlands-based company specialising in the development and manufacture of men’s shaving wares. The concept behind the new product is to create a razor with a distinct masculinity, stemming from a belief that men’s razors have become too similar to those in the women’s market. RZR claims to have achieved this blunt individuality by combining the craftsmanship of old-fashioned safety razors with the comfort of premium quality shaving technology.

Materiality was a key decision in designing the new blade, with titanium being chosen due to its strength and durability. In hope of demonstrating its sheer confidence in the new product, the razor will come with a lifetime guarantee – an aspect of the concept that the company claims should also reduce carbon emissions.

Not yet available for purchase, the Dutch company is hoping to release the razors to the mass market through the use of a Kickstarter campaign. With a guide retail price of €89 – and by advocating itself as a firm ‘built on four pillars of comfort, beautiful design, sustainability and honest pricing’ – RZR hopes to raise the funds in no time.

With its beautifully minimal design and lifelong warranty, this new razor has real potential to slice up the market. 

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