This Parisian chocolatier has a sweet interior offering

Take a bite of the recently opened flagship store of Parisian chocolatiers Damyel, designed by Jessica Barouch and Francesco Balzano, whose collaboration shares a vision for pure and measured spaces

Open chocolate boxes on table
(Image credit: Annick Vernimmen)

Down the cobbled street of Avenue de Villiers is a chocolate box collection of Parisian boutiques, haute-couture offerings and historical maisons. It’s more recent addition is a perfect fit. Enter Damyel, the artisanal chocolatier making minimalist moves in the north of the city.

Designers Jessica Barouch and Francesco Balzano were tasked with delivering a space that reflects the chocolatier's craftsmanship. Their collaboration shares a vision for pure and measured spaces. Barouch is known for her flair for simplicity and use of noble materials that deliver a warm yet pared-back aesthetic, while Balzano pays tribute to timelessness.

Barouch and Balzano’s shared appreciation for elegance has forged close ties within the collaboration, and is evident in Damyel’s finer details. Walls are clad in bright ivory stone while subtle brass accents, alcoves and fluting make Damyel a refined space without it losing its taste of purpose. After all, Damyel is the honoured destination for the Salt Flower Puc — a speciality consisting of a salt covered round and fine chocolate disc — is sure to make any chocolate-lover swoon.

The design duo’s first project is off to a sweet start – we hope there are other joint projects in the pipeline.

Macaroons & chocolate boxes on counter

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Chocolate display counter

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