Oil slick: By Evolve combines Portuguese flavour with British craft

 Evolve’s olive oil
By Evolve’s olive oil is made with Portugese olives, picked when they are young, green, and aromatic
(Image credit: Steve Theodorou)

London-based artisanal oil brand By Evolve has launched a true-to-tradition Portuguese extra virgin olive oil and British-made glass pourer. Entitled ‘Evolvia By Evolve,’ the oil is the first product in the range, conceived by husband and wife duo Alex and Rute Theodorou.

Rute grew up in Portugal’s Douro Valley where the exquisite Galega and Cobrançosa olives grow native, so it’s no surprise that she went back home to source the oil for Evolvia. She explains, ‘The region of Douro is famed for its port [wine], but what many people don’t know is that the area has a strong heritage of producing incredible olive oil.’ The olives are all organically grown and handpicked from a centuries old grove in late autumn. They are then cold-pressed to release the oil, evoking an aroma of florals, green apple, and wild herbs. The final product is smooth and peppery, perfect for salads, grilled meat, fish, pasta, and for dipping.

Alex is the mind behind the design of the pourer, pouch, and packaging. Handmade in England, the slim, cylinder glass bottle allows pourers to admire the colour of the oil while preserving its goodness, while the lid is locally made in Birmingham. The glass pourer is also limited edition – the best things, it seems, always are.

The glass pourer

The glass pourer displays the magnificent colour of the oil, while perserving its natural goodness

(Image credit: Steve Theodorou)

The solid brass lid is made in Birmingham and laser engraved with By Evolve's logo

The solid brass lid is made in Birmingham and laser engraved with By Evolve’s logo

(Image credit: Steve Theodorou)

Limited edition ’keep forever’ pourer

The handmade, limited edition ’keep forever’ pourer and recyclable refill packages are good for you and for the earth

(Image credit: Steve Theodorou)


For more information, visit By Evolve’s website

Photography: Steve Theodorou