Vibrant new body and bath brand Prismologie embrace an ethos drenched in colour. Their range is divided into collections where ingredients are chosen for their shade as well as their skincare properties. Floral rose is combined with rose quartz micro-crystals for the ’Pink O’Clock’ range; while cedarwood and ruby make up the ’red’ in ’The Red Hour’. Aromatics and gemstones, such as the diamond micro-crystals in ’White Beginning’, are utilised as mood enhancers – fleshing out the notion of an active ’colour psychology’.

Prismologie heralds the emotive power of colour, and the restorative effect that choosing a colourful product may have – be it optimism, courage or just a pervading sense of brightness.

The most striking element of the product, though, is its packaging. The simple white boxes are embellished with splatters of creamy yellow, clouds of pink and detailed powder shots. The design emphasises Prismologie’s mantra: that you can wear colour, without being seen to wear colour.