The Lady Noire Affair by Christian Dior

The Lady Noire Affair by Christian Dior
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The latest in a long line of cross-pollinatory projects between the worlds of film and fashion, the creative minds at Christian Dior (opens in new tab) will this month release a short film (shown above) by renowned director, Olivier Dahan.

Starring the reticent Gallic beauty, Marrion Cotillard (of La Vie en Rose fame), the film is a self-celebratory tribute to Dior's sublime Parisian style and the product at the centre of the project - The Lady Dior bag.

Supremely French, the six-minute short - The Lady Noire Affair – tells the story of a well-dressed heroine who sets out to save a dashing young man who (in a contemporaneous twist) is being held captive by an evil banker.

Set to be the first in a series of four similar celluloid projects, the Lady Noire Affiair - produced by Christian Dior and conceived by John Galliano - is a decadent noir-esque nod to the beautiful people, objects and (most importantly) clothes that line the gilded streets of Paris.

Taking its cue from filmic forays by Chanel (featuring the expensive talents of both Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tatou) and Gwyneth Paltrow's bag-chasing outing at Tod's - Dior's Hitchcockian stab at the silver screen should lend a little cinematic magic to Dior's already shimmering brand.

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