Not content with being every wardrobe's classic luxury item, the iconic Hermès silk scarf is now giving itself a bit of a street-style reinvention as well. Setting up East at Rochelle School of Art for a few days, before moving West to Ledbury Road, the 'J'aime mon Carré! I Love My Scarf!' pop-up in London is a scarf-tying masterclass that pledges to make today's new generation of style kids dexterously good at tying their Hermès scarves. Through a series of photo-styling sessions, visitors get the chance to play around with scarves and be snapped for the website in their newly styled creations.
Initially launched as a fanzine - photographer Matt Irwin travelled to Paris, Tokyo, New York and London, and, working together with stylist Francesca Burns and art director Dean Langley, documented seven girls and four boys from around the world wearing and enjoying their Hermès scarves - the project is now branching out into a series of pop-ups around the world.
While scarves will be available to buy at the London pop-up, the idea is really just about the scarf-tying. Each city also has free rein on how the want to celebrate the 'J'aime mon Carré!' movement, so it truly is all in the spirit of fun.
Nonchalant layering is the key here, especially if the girls on the website are anything to go by - why stop at one scarf, when you can have two thrown over the shoulder as braces, or four braided together to make a headband.
The pop-up is also giving out cute little 'knotting' cards that illustrate failsafe assembling diagrams, so previously unthought-of configurations, such as tied round the wrist bracelet-style, or fashioned into a pouch bag, seem wholly possible now.