Mare un rol’s
Tell us about  the past year, things have been moving very quickly.
Yes, the recent years have been very intense. When we look back and remember how determined we were to reach our goals, then it makes more sense that we actually did! It wasn’t easy. It’s always been very important for us to create designs inspire. Since 2005 we started taking part in international fashion events and competitions and in addition, we started collaborating with visual artists and directors to create works which presented fashion the way we felt it.
Whilst  there’s definitely an ’ out- there’ edge to  your shows, there is a consistent dedication to wearable shapes and decadent fabrics.Is theatre important to your work?
Theatre as form of art is very significant and very inspiring. The various forms of theatre and costume design have led us to look beyond fashion and trends. Theatre is not just an unpractical, fictional set-up with pompous elements, but a game of finding the perfect compositions for telling a story. It uses story line, space, stage design, characters, lights and audio etc. in order to create a spectacle – that said, theatre definitely does not dictate our work. Our shows may seem avant garde, but in reality it’s about wearable fashion. 
Describe your design process, is it complex and intricate or more impulsive?
It’s difficult to describe the process of our work. It’s more impulsive. The first thing is to define the right message we want to develop with our collection. As we are two designers working together, it’s two views we have to deal with - we are two very different people. One is more constructive and the other one more sensitive and sensual. The process of our work is very self-critical. It’s very important to us to analyse all our ideas in order to distill the best of what we create.
Who would you cite as your key influences in the world of fashion?
The many key influences come from films, music, art and fashion. The fashion world influence comes from those fashion designers who create fashion that is beyond commercial dictums. These designers offer their own view on fashion design, where the feeling, aura, messages, visual compositions come from their personal views and interpretations. We’ve taken inspiration from multiple artists of various disciplines however - for example, Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski films and Coco Rosie have all had a big impact on us.
Where does the inspiration for your avant-garde, highly structural pieces come from?
Inspiration can come from things, which cannot be described - for example one of our collections is inspired by actual nightmares we both experienced, and another one found inspiration from the minutiae of daily life. We pick elements that draw our 100% attention to them. For us it is very important that each detail has a purpose and a meaning and that our clothes tell their own story and live their own lives.
Who would you say have been your most strident supporters?
Definitely, Diane Pernet. She found us in Riga. She’s a wonderful person we’ve been thrilled to meet. We would also like to mention all the jury members of the 24th Hyeres Festival - who understood and appreciated our work and ideas.