Like most of the Dover Street Market window installations that have us clutching for its nearest door handles, Rei Kawakubo's latest has once again whetted our need for the store's retail fix - this time by turning the spotlight on Matt Groening's dysfunctional comic strip characters 'Binky & Sheba'.
Kawakubo's conceptualisation makes a playful visual precursor for the launch of the latest series of T-shirts from the Comme des Garçons Play line, which feature the motley crew of unlikely characters Groening came up with in 1977 for his 'Life in Hell' comic strip. There's main star Binky, a therapy-needing depressed rabbit stuck in a dead end job, Sheba his ex-girlfriend, Bongo his illegitimate son, and Ackbar and Jeff, the sometimes-brothers-sometimes-lovers entrepreneurial pair with various business ventures including the 'Tofu Hut' and the 'Bootleg and T-shirt Hut'.
'Binky & Sheba' marks the latest in a long series of eye-popping transformation that the shop has undergone with each new season collection, either by Kawakubo herself or with the help of guest designers and friends such as" target="_blank" >Chanel, Stephen Jones, Gary Card and Tom Dixon. Fittingly, we thought it was about time we pay tribute to some of windows that have pioneered the evolution of a ground-breaking store.