The signage isn’t strictly necessary, because more tellingly, the underside of the awning is bright, bright red. It’s a very particular red, and in this most simple detail the few square feet beneath the canopy have just become the sexiest section of sidewalk in Florida. This is, obviously, Christian Louboutin’s new Miami flagship store.
The design, by Eric Clough of New York architects 212box, sees the outside wall planted with orchids, and inside multicoloured hosiery is strung up like an erotic spiderweb (if you can imagine such a thing), in an installation by Madeleine Berkhemer across the entrance hall. Here, one-way mirrors allow voyeurs to watch women try on the famous red-soled shoes as they lounge on luxurious patchwork furniture by Bokja.
When Louboutin said to Clough that he wanted to create ’a whole new language’ for the brand through the design of the store, however, he might not have expected to be taken quite so literally. Clough invented a code of hieroglyphics, symbols and Braille, which, intricately carved onto tiny wooden tiles, entirely lines the space and creates an other-worldly exotic atmosphere.
It’s beautiful, but it’s not as if we really needed the extra encouragement, frankly – when it comes to sole searching, we’ve been seeing red for some time anyway.