Backstage at Fendi: Sketches by Karl Lagerfeld

Sketcher Karl Lagerfeld
(Image credit: press)

While popping backstage at Fendi, we found Karl Lagerfeld seated before a phone-book sized sketch pad and a hundred coloured pencils and pastels. One never really understands what goes on in a Fendi show unless one gets up close and personal with the clothes, so luckily we had the designer himself to draw the floral darnings (below) and the inverted lantern sleeve constructions that littered the dress-heavy collection.

Sketch by Karl Lagerfeld

(Image credit: press)

'I like long for day' said Lagerfeld, adding that he thinks 'red carpet dressing is over.' It was an optimistic, easy-to-wear collection featuring lovely pastels, including Lagerfeld's favourite pale blue which he has dubbed 'Gitane Light', and plenty of surprises like the multicolored tube skirt that looked like confetti tweed but was actually microscopic strips of woven leather (below). And the layers of flock that looked like pastel M&Ms? 'They are actually rubber,' he said, while signing his name with a flourish across one of his orange and pink sketches

Multicolored tube skirt

(Image credit: press)

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