Zara launches playful beauty line for kids

Mini Artists by Zara Beauty is a new line of kid-friendly face paints and water-soluble nail polishes designed with make-up artist Diane Kendal

Zara Beauty Mini Artists makeup for kids being worn by two children as circles of face paint
Zara Beauty Mini Artists range includes coloured face pencils
(Image credit: Zara)

Zara Beauty Mini Artists is a newly launched line of beauty products for kids that are ideal for imaginative dress-up sessions and creative play. 

The Mini Artists’ line has been designed in collaboration with make-up artist Diane Kendal, who has combined her expertise in the industry with her own experience as a mum to create a range of products that are vibrant, fun and safe for kids to use.

Zara Beauty Mini Artists for kids: from face paint to glitter gel

Child wearing Zara Beauty Mini Artists nail polishes in multiple colours

(Image credit: Zara)

It includes a range of 12 nail polishes (six matte, six glitter) that can be removed with water, as well as powder palettes that come in neon, pastel and primary colours, with stencils that can be used together to create cute shapes or spell out words on skin.

Young happy boy with stars drawn on his face, from Zara Beauty Mini Artists makeup for kids range

(Image credit: Zara)

There are also cream pots in glittery and non-glittery shades that are perfect for face painting and, our favourite, easy to use face colour pencils with bright colours and a creamy texture that makes them simple for kids to experiment with creating their wildest creations before effortlessly removing them.

Zara kids beauty line being worn by young girl with sun drawn on her cheek

(Image credit: Zara)

Along with the products themselves, Zara Beauty Mini Artists includes a few accessories, such as a mixing palette for blending colours before application; a paper face chart for testing designs before applying them to the face; and a mini apron to keep the little creative clean.

Products include:

Cream palette, £14.99

Powder palette, £10.99

Glittery gel set, £11.99

Set of brushes, £17.99

More at

Zara Mini Artists coloured face pencils

Coloured face pencils, £19.99 for set of six

(Image credit: Zara)

Zara Beauty nail polishes for kids

Glittery nail varnish, £19.99 for a set of six

(Image credit: Zara)
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