Create the perfect at-home manicure with tips by nail artist Julia Diogo

Julia Diogo shares simple tips for creating a flawless at-home manicure using the new Chanel Le Vernis nail polish shades

Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes for creating the perfect at-home manicure
(Image credit: Chanel)

Recreating a salon manicure is the same as replicating a restaurant meal at home -  it’s just never going to be as good. But if anyone can do it (and teach us how to do the same), it is manicurist Jools Diogo, better known on Instagram as @paintedbyjools.  

Diogo has amassed a legion of followers with her impeccable nail artistry, which eschews the trend for bombastic false talons in favour of classic, perfectly shaped and painted natural nails. That style has made her a perfect match with Chanel, with whom Diogo collaborates, amongst others.

Julia Diogo's manicure kit

Julia Diogo's manicure kit

(Image credit: Julia Diogo)

Today, Chanel unveils a newly revamped edition of its iconic Le Vernis line. The new collection features 24 shades (17 new and 7 classic) perfect for spring. To celebrate it, Diogo shares her insider secrets for creating a perfect at-home manicure. 

Julia Diogo applying Chanel base coat

Diogo applying Chanel base coat

(Image credit: Julia Diogo)

Creating the perfect at-home manicure

When it comes to tricks of the trade Diogo has a few essential tips. ‘Always paint in 3 strokes to get the most even finish– one down the middle, one down the left side, and one on the right.  Make sure you leave 3-4 mins in between the first coat before applying the second coat in order for polish not to drag.’

Julia Diogo applying nail oil

Diogo using Chanel's L'Huile Camelia nail oil

(Image credit: Julia Diogo)

When it comes to filing, always work in one direction - it is key to avoiding splits and snags. And remember, ‘using a base coat is essential - this step can not be skipped as it helps to care/protect the natural nail while wearing polish. It also helps to avoid the nails staining.’

Finally, ‘capping the free edge of the nail with a small amount of polish is important,’ says Diogo  ‘as it helps with the longevity of the manicure. This should be done with the base, polish of choice and a top coat.’

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