APOC Store collaborates with nail artists for a bespoke collection

APOC Store has worked with a roster of nail artists on a collection of press-ons and adornments

Nail art by Dinara Garaeva, among collaborators of APOC Store
APOC Store has launched a nails collection, collaborating with artists such as Dinara Garaeva (above)
(Image credit: Courtesy of APOC Store and Dinara Garaeva)

APOC Store has cemented itself as one of the most progressive online marketplaces, championing emerging designers and makers through a curated buy of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, and more. Now, almost four years on from the store’s opening (it was founded by Ying Suen and Jules Volleberg in 2020), nail art has been added to the roster.

APOC Store has always been a platform to discover and support young talent. Being known as a fashion and art platform, we are always open to extending our offering,’ says Volleberg. ‘In recent years, we saw such a surge in creative nail artists across social media, particularly ones that were approaching nails as a medium for their art as opposed to simply an adornment. A lot of them were already working with artists or larger brands, yet their works weren’t readily available for purchase.’

Nail jewellery by RÄTHEL & WOLF

Nail jewellery by RÄTHEL & WOLF

(Image credit: Courtesy of APOC Store and RÄTHEL & WOLF)

APOC Store’s collaboration with nail artists

This sparked an idea between the founders to bring press-on nail art and nail jewellery to the APOC community, tapping a selection of artists who are renowned for their visionary work. This spans from ready-to-wear designs to bespoke and intricate pieces – some even using sculptural techniques such as upcycling to reinterpret the French manicure, or 3D-printing to provide fingertips with an otherworldly feel.

‘It was a very organic process,’ continues Volleberg. ‘We started with speaking to nail artists who have previously collaborated with APOC designers and other creatives that we admire. Afterwards, we did extensive research on the different techniques and materials used and being inspired by such a wide range of talents, we also wanted to reflect this in our offering.’

Nail art by Texto Dallas

Nail art by Texto Dallas

(Image credit: Courtesy of APOC Nails and Texto Dallas)

Artists include the likes of digital fashion studio Dinara Garaeva, who has brought its designs into the ‘real world’ through sculptural, silvery tendrils; Doux Nails, renowned for its textural, chrome finishes; Texto Dallas and RÄTHEL & WOLF, who makes jewellery to frame the tips of fingers and has worked on exclusive pieces specifically for this project. This marks the start of a push towards a bigger beauty-based offering for APOC. ‘We already started exploring different types of adornments, including face jewellery and temporary tattoos, as well as extending our hair offering,’ says Volleberg. ‘Stay tuned…’

The APOC Nails collection is available now.


Nail art by Doux Nails

Nail art by Doux Nails

(Image credit: Courtesy of APOC Store and Doux Nails)
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