For Valentine’s Day 2024, forget roses and try five new ways to share the love

On Valentine’s Day 2024, all you need is love, but a whole lot of fun can be just as meaningful

Red rasberry bag charm by Loewe, as alternative Valentine's Day 2024 gift
This bag charm – a raspberry ‘dice’ in brass and enamel, £100, by Loewe – is a cute alternative to hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day 2024
(Image credit: Courtesy Loewe)

We’re reconsidering our options for Valentine’s Day 2024. When it comes to love, no one wants to be the grinch, least of all us. But there’s always something a tad awkward about Valentine’s Day and the pressure to be all red roses and champagne come 14 February. So, why not spin it into something a bit more enjoyable, like, just loving yourself, or embracing something that celebrates love in any way you choose? Here are our alternative suggestions for Valentine’s night fun:

Valentine’s Day 2024: all the fun without the flowers

Give raspberries, not roses

Red raspberry bag charm by Loewe as alternative Valentine's Day gift

Loewe's raspberries are made for love

(Image credit: Courtesy Loewe)

At this time of year, red hearts and roses come at you on all fronts. But what if we celebrated Valentine’s Day with red raspberries instead? If someone were to offer you a punnet of these enamelled-brass beauties by Loewe, you’d be three times delighted. Once, because they are funny, twice because they are ‘dice’ – so luck is on your side – and thrice because they are actually handbag charms to be hooked on to your favourite Loewe Puzzle bag. In short, a whole lot of joy in one. 

£100, and 

Take to the skies not the beach

Yorkshire stars at night

Skywatching in North Yorkshire, UK

(Image credit: Courtesy, North Yorkshire Dark Skies Festival)

Perhaps a white-sand-fringed island with sun-flecked sea lapping gently ashore and people proposing all over the place is what you really desire in bleak mid-February, and who can blame you? But this enigmatic alternative, a shift from sea to sky, offers a sultrier take on nature's romantic side. The Dark Skies Festival takes place around the UK’s North York Moors every year, a renowned spot for star-gazing thanks to the particularly clear skies. That the area is an internationally recognised Dark Sky Reserve adds a luxury safari vibe, albeit that you'll possibly find it a touch colder than the Kenyan variety. But if it’s traditional romance you are after, visitors are encouraged to spend a night under the starry skies. 

From 9 – 25 February 2024,

Forget a red love heart, give a black one instead

Black spinel necklace

Elhanati black spinel heart

(Image credit: Courtesy, Elhanati)

If you haven’t come across Danish jewellery brand Elhanati, I’m more than happy to introduce you. Born in Copenhagen to Greek-Israeli parents, Orit Elhanati uses Middle-Eastern jewellery-making traditions such as hammering and dripping techniques to create seriously beautiful pieces that always offer a point of difference (and have featured in a Khaite X Elhanati collaboration). The Black ‘Orchid Dita’ necklace is a case in point: a heart-shaped spinel captured on a black, velvet ribbon, it’s an elegant dismissal of tired interpretations of love and a beguiling token of affection. 

DKK6,250 (£716),

Don't dine à deux, throw a cheese party

Cartoon of cheese

Say it with cheese

(Image credit: Courtesy, Maison Francois)

Who doesn’t love cheese? London wine bar Frank’s got our memo and has decided to get together with someone new on 14 February, ditching its usual set-up to partner with Mons cheesemonger. The cheesy couple have jumped in with both feet, transforming the bar’s space – the lower-floor of restaurant Maison François – into an Alpine chalet for the night. As they point out, cheese can be messy, and gooey and fun, so what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Expect ‘liquid cheese, boiled potatoes, cornichons, Morteau sausage, sliced Jambon noir de Bigorre, salads and, of course, plenty of cornichons!’ We’re in love. 

Frank's below Maison François, £20 per person,

Diamond ring not your thing? Slip on a glittering slipper

Khaite black jewelled slipper

A sparkling slipper for Valentine's Day

(Image credit: Courtesy Khaite / Matchesfashion)

It’s traditional to give and receive diamonds on Valentine’s Day. The bright, white gems are, after all, prized for their flaming presence and invincibility – they are the hardest mineral on earth and are said to be indestructible or, if you must, everlasting. But why put a ring on it when you can actually slip a dainty, crystal-embellished slipper on your loved-one's foot instead, Cinderella-style. These beautiful little toe-tappers – Khaite’s signature 'Marcy' sheer ballet flats set all a-glitter with crystals – point to everlasting appeal. 


Caragh McKay is a contributing editor at Wallpaper* and was watches & jewellery director at the magazine between 2011 and 2019. Caragh’s current remit is cross-cultural and her recent stories include the curious tale of how Muhammad Ali met his poetic match in Robert Burns and how a Martin Scorsese Martin film revived a forgotten Osage art.