St. John’s premade picnic baskets are a moveable feast

Dig into this gourmet premade picnic basket courtesy of the famed London restaurant

Two photos side-by-side of St. John’s premade picnic baskets and a variety of food with a bottle of champagne laid out on a table
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Looking to add a little panache to your picnic box? Well, London’s bastion of cuisine animale, St. John, is here is to help.

From 1 May, the famed eatery will be serving up two types of premade picnic boxes filled with a selection of savoury bites, crispy sourdoughs with meaty spreads, and a rich bit of dessert. Designed to be shared between two people, the baskets need only to be accompanied by a blanket, some tableware, a bottle of wine for the picnic perfection.

Interior view of St. John's restaurant, Spitalfields with tables covered in white cloth, brown chairs and black pendant lights

The interiors of St. John famed Spitalfields location

(Image credit: TBC)

A moveable feast from one of London’s most beloved restaurants couldn’t come at a better time, as many of the city’s residents begin adjusting to looser lockdown restrictions and celebrating the arrival of spring. Since it is St.John’s, the baskets are heavy on the meat and cheese, but most palettes will be able to find something to delight in.

Adventurous foodies looking to indulge in St. John’s signature ‘nose-to-tail’ dining, won’t find any bone marrow or veal innards here. Instead, the baskets are filled with more straightforward, yet no less delicious fare, like smoked mackerel paté and asparagus with lardo.

Londoners can pre-order the baskets from St. John’s store for pick-up at the restaurant’s Spitalfields location. While those outside the English capital can find inspiration in menus for their own picnic perfection.


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