Louis XIII cognac is now available by The Drop

Louis XIII cognac launches The Drop, a miniature version that contains a single centilitre of the exclusive spirit

Louis XIII The Drop cognac in mini glass bottles with multi-coloured tops
Louis XIII The Drop cognac comes in miniature glass bottles with differently colour lids
(Image credit: Louis XIII)

The makers of ultra-premium cognac Louis XIII have launched The Drop – an initiative that engages a new generation of cognac connoisseurs and invites them to connect with the heritage brand as never before. 

The story of Louis XIII cognac

Louis XIII cognac is one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious spirits. It was conceived in 1874 by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, whose vision was to create a very special cognac with the eponymous house’s oldest eaux-de-vie. 

He named it after France’s King Louis XIII, who was the first monarch to recognise cognac as a category of brandy in its own right. Since then, generations of cellar masters have used extraordinary finesse to create an exquisite blend that is made up of 1,200 individual eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, each distilled and selected at different times during the history of the house. 

Louis XIII cognac in mini glass bottles

(Image credit: Louis XIII)

This significant spirit has traditionally been presented in an ornate crystal decanter, mouth-blown by skilled craftsmen and embellished with fleurs-de-lys, the design of which has remained mostly unchanged for over a century. 

The decanter, a work of art in its own right, is part of the Louis XIII iconography and its presence in any surroundings signals the rarity, quality and opulence of the brand.

Louis XIII The Drop

The Drop is a completely new way to experience Louis XIII – a miniature version of the exclusive cognac offered at its lowest price point, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy it. 

Close-up of Louis XIII The Drop in mini glass bottle with green top

(Image credit: Louis XIII)

Each miniature vessel contains a single centilitre of cognac, making The Drop the first cognac designed to be drunk directly from the bottle. 

A variety of differently coloured tops allows you to choose as the mood takes you: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright. The individual bottles retail for £160 or you may choose to take the box set of all five bottles for £750.

Miniature bottles of Louis XIII cognac on their sides

(Image credit: Louis XIII)

The Drop shows a contemporary, playful side to the heritage brand, and a forward-thinking reinterpretation of luxury codes. 

This version of the Louis XIII cognac is spontaneous and accessible, and now embraced as a luxury accessory – the bottles may be encased and carried in leather holsters with shoulder straps, available in five colours that co-ordinate with the bottle tops.

Louis XIII is looking towards the future and inviting a new generation of cognac connoisseurs to take ownership of the timeless brand in their own unique style. 


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