Taking the truest meaning of ‘facility’ in hand, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, the quietly brilliant designers that make up Industrial Facility, have launched a website that enables their designs to be bought directly from them.
Retail Facility is a simple enough concept – using the web as a means of selling designs directly - but one surprisingly few designers have cottoned onto. For Hecht and Colin the impetus was to facilitate the purchasing of their products that previously had limited availability, restricted only to certain countries.

Retail Facility

See more of Industrial Facility’s designs available to buy on Retail Facility
In line with Industrial Facility’s pared down, no nonsense design aesthetic Retail Facility is clean to the point of clinical and functions as beautifully as the products it pedals (trust us, we’ve tried it and them out). Exploiting the web’s potential to reach more people than the shop floor we applaud Industrial Facility’s lateral thinking.
Buying design from the web might not be a new concept, and we certainly don’t think the click of the mouse will totally replace the thrill of the till, but we do think Retail Facility could spark a new trend of designers seeking alternative routes, particularly in leaner times, of forging a more direct route to consumers.