British lighting brand Anglepoise takes pride in its ’Original 1227’ model and has given the classic light a number of different makeovers for special editions over the years. This time around, they are changing the size, creating new small-scale versions of the iconic 1930s design and proving that all good things do indeed come in small packages.

The whimsical ’Original 1227 Mini’ collection has the same look as the original, but is simply scaled down by two-thirds, proportion-wise. In doing so the light becomes increasingly versatile; where the original form acts as a statement piece, the ’Mini’ can act as both a subtle design accessory or finishing touch to a room. For example, the smaller, more manageable iterations (the table lamp is a mere 20 inches high) can be playfully paired together in a range of colour choices.

The full collection comprises a Mini desk lamp, Mini table lamp and Mini wall lamp – all transfigured versions of the original with slight contemporary changes. Where the base of the wall light existed as a traditional curved attachment, the miniature version has a pyramid-shaped mount with integrated switch, giving the piece a fresh modern upgrade while still keeping the classic aesthetic.

Alongside the arrival of the ’Original 1227 Mini’ series, Anglepoise are also introducing two new colours (Linen White and Dove Grey) to the collection, which will be available in the New Year.