Every two years the small city of Kortrijk in Belgium is briefly put on the world map when an international crowd descends on the town for Interieur, the international design fair.

Interieur Kortrijk 08

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Given most of the bigger brands have already launched their new products in Milan, it’s a moment for the smaller companies to shine, and they all try to outdo each other in building the most outrageous installations.

But the real charm of Interieur lies in its small-town approach: for 10 days the entire city revolves around the biennale, with events taking place anywhere and everywhere, inside and outside of the main exhibition hall. The whole city gets involved and everyone is very proud of what it achieves. Jaime Hayon, this year’s guest of honour, was paraded around the halls accompanied by the mayor and a marching band on the opening day like a prize pony.