Hästens’ vast circular bed offers panoramic views of Joshua Tree National Park

Hästens has collaborated with Doolittle House on the world’s largest Hästens 2000T bed

Circular Hästens bed at Doolittle House overlooking Joshua Tree
(Image credit: Daniel Sahlberg)

Swedish heritage brand and bed specialist Hästens has collaborated with the owners of the Doolittle House in Joshua Tree National Park, California, to create the largest ever Hästens 2000T bed.

The bed intertwines design codes from both collaborators, nodding to the sustainability championed by the Doolittle House and incorporating Hästens’ knowledge of just what makes for a great night’s sleep in the oversized, sumptuous bed.

‘The collaboration felt authentic and synergistic, from innovation to sustainability,’ says Hästens partner Carl Larsson. ‘Both Hästens and the Doolittle House showcase how art can come in many different forms, such as architecture and craftsmanship. By working closely with [the house’s original interior designer] John Vugrin, we were able to create a timeless piece of art in the form of a bed that allows all who enjoy it firsthand to create their own lasting personal memories while overlooking the Joshua Tree landscape.’

Circular Hästens bed celebrates organic design at Doolittle House

Hästens bed in glass room at Doolittle House, seen from outside

(Image credit: Daniel Sahlberg)

The Doolittle House was designed in the 1980s by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg for the artist Bev Doolittle and her husband, Jay. Vugrin, having designed the property’s original interiors, has joined forces with Doolittle House’s new owners in considering architecturally inspired details that celebrate its organic design.

The interior is a space in harmony with its natural surroundings. ‘My hope is that all those who visit the Doolittle House experience all the little details and all the little nuances the home has to offer,’ says Vugrin. ‘It is not like this is the sun room and this is another room, every little piece correlates to the next piece. It’s not just one unique kitchen table and one unique light switch (even though every little piece is unique as nothing has been made twice). It is all one experience, like one piece of music – every note counts to make a masterpiece like this.’

Bed in mountains

(Image credit: Daniel Sahlberg)

This carefully considered philosophy is carried over to the new bed, its large size making it the perfect place for guests at the house to relax. With sustainability and a focus on organic materials key, Hästens was the natural choice to create the circular bed.

‘With Hästens’ bed being the final and permanent piece of the house, it at last allows the undulating volumes of the Doolittle House to fulfil both their aesthetic and philosophical mission of being completely in sync with the world,’ says Larsson. ‘The Hästens bed marks a milestone for the home but also a window into a future where the sublime and the sustainable come together to form a new horizon of living in peace and in sync with one’s surroundings.’ He adds, ‘The methodical approach and sky-gazing ambitions of Kellogg and Vugrin resonate deeply with Hästens, and made it intuitive to move forward into the unknown together.’

Large circular Hästens bed at Doolittle House overlooking Joshua Tree

(Image credit: Daniel Sahlberg)



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