Graphic artist and illustrator Kathy Osborn, a self-confessed doll’s house nut, has created a modernist construction of a 21st century lifestyle - in miniature.

Bauhaus dolls’ house

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Osborn embarked on her Bauhaus doll’s house project due to a desire for better quality dolls and dolls’ furniture. Originally, she aimed to create a replica of Philip Johnson’s glass house, built in 1949, but was persuaded by friends to give her creativity a free run.
The creation of the doll’s house started with 12 rough designs. The blueprints were given to Californian model architects J & G, who were also responsible for most of the furniture, apart from the mod-style chairs which were constructed by Japanese company REAC.
The kitchen as a whole is Osborn’s own design, inspired by an 1948 advert for Youngstown kitchens, but the fridge and cabinets are original designs.
The result is a house that is artfully whimsical, which encapsulates its inhabitants in a fanciful suburbia. Osborn has no intention of the dolls’ house being treated like your everyday plastic creation, but rather as a collector’s item - a family heirloom.