Digital artist Andrés Reisinger’s newest NFT, Winter House, brings a building designed with architect Alba de la Fuente to virtual life in vivid detail. Reisinger is inspired by the clean frostiness of a winter’s day for the digital residential project, which draws the house in the clean minimalist style of Dieter Rams’ designs in the1960s, cast in soothing pastel hues.

It marks the second collaboration for Reisinger and de la Fuente, incorporating both their architectural and creative perspectives into one project that aims to consider our perception of space in new ways. This project is a significant step in Reisinger’s proposed metaverse architecture company, which he is currently establishing with other partners, and part of his wider aim to digitise both real estate and interiors.

Pink sofas in Andrés Reisinger NFT house, called Winter House
The living room

Reisinger’s dream-like aesthetic is encapsulated in the sweet sorbet shades of the project, which makes the location a key design element. Playing an integral role in the building’s form, the layout creates a seamless flow between the outdoors and indoors, with glass walls that flood the interior with natural light. Juxtapositions run throughout: the structure is concrete yet apparently feather-light, appearing to float above its foundations, while an open layout is surprisingly intimate. The interior design is kept cosy with the amalgamation of pink tones – including those custom made by Reisinger – which make a tranquil foil for the natural materials of concrete, glass and steel.

For Reisinger, it is an opportunity to build on his work in both the art and design worlds, uniting both digital and physical production methods in a unique hybrid. For this project, he drew on his multitude of inspirations to create a haven in the stillness of winter. ‘We envisioned what the cold season could look like in the metaverse, and gathered all the feelings of quietness, stillness and comfort we associate with winter and translated them into a residential form,’ says Reisinger. §

stairs in Andrés Reisinger NFT house
The stairs
pink elevator in Andrés Reisinger NFT house

The elevator 


The bathroom

The bedroom

The bedroom