Louis Vuitton brings tableware to the party

The first Louis Vuitton tableware collection ranges from traditional porcelain to boldly coloured glassware

Louis Vuitton Tableware
(Image credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton joins the dinnerware party with the release of its first series of porcelain and glassware for the table. Focusing on modernity and classic shapes, the Louis Vuitton tableware collection is functional while harnessing the creativity of the brand.

Louis Vuitton tableware

Louis Vuitton Tableware colourful glasses

Set of four ‘Twist’ glasses, £730

(Image credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

The 'Monogram Flower Tile' series of porcelain tableware features the classic Louis Vuitton motif in crisp blue and white, an elegant and contemporary nod to traditional 17th-century porcelain. Crafted in Limoges, the French city known for its historic porcelain production, the pieces bring the Louis Vuitton mark to the table in fresh and timeless style.

The fine detailing, seen in brushed watercolour effects, showcases the artistry behind the collection, across plates, bowls, cups, serving dishes and even a teapot.

Louis Vuitton Tableware

(Image credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

The ‘Twist’ glass designs, meanwhile, quite at home on a summery Mediterranean tablescape or in an intimate winter setting, act like fragments of stained glass, reflecting light that dances across their sculptural surface. Available in a series of bold hues – Crystal Clear, Sapphire Blue, Amber, Emerald, and Venetian Ruby – the glasses add a vivid spiral of colour to the tableware collection.

In matching colourways, the ‘Flower’ carafes are formed by the expertise of Murano glassmaker Simone Cenedese, and make shapeshifting decanters that complement the ‘Twist’ glasses.

The Louis Vuitton tableware collection is available on louisvuitton.com and at a selection of Louis Vuitton stores from 17 November 2023

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