Kohler steps into wellness with Sprig, for a mood-boosting bathroom experience

Design brand Kohler turns to wellness with Sprig, a new branch of the company introducing botanical water infusion to the home

Kohler sprig shower heads on white and blue backgrounds
The Sprig shower infusion system starter kit in matte black (left) and hand shower kit in white chrome (right)
(Image credit: Courtesy Sprig)

Kohler’s ever-growing repertoire of luxury bath and kitchen wares is pushing confidently into smart home territory, spanning from personalised showering to intelligent toilets. Now the company’s new wellness brand Sprig sees Kohler delve into aromatherapy, presenting six formulations of scent in three forms. 

Sprig: a new wellness brand from Kohler

In its first release of products, Sprig unveiled a series of bath bombs, linen and body mists and, arguably the star of the show, an infusion device that promises to deliver a spa-like atmosphere at home by infusing your shower’s water with botanical blends. 

The shower infusion contraptions are easy to install on existing plumbing systems, and the kit comes in two iterations. A starter kit covers the infusion device, which hangs just below your existing shower head and comes in both white chrome and matte black, along with a selection of three pods. 

Sprig bath bomb kit from Kohler lifestyle shot

The Relax bath bomb from Sprig, Kohler's new wellness brand

(Image credit: Courtesy Sprig)

Six fragrant blends make up the Essentials Collection of infusion pods: Breathe, featuring refreshing eucalyptus and mint; Recharge, an energising mix of clary sage and patchouli; Recharge, with uplifting bergamot and lemongrass; Shield, combining tea tree and rosemary to help you ‘centre’; Relax, with chamomile and green tea; and Sleep, with lavender and vanilla. The kit is also available with a Handshower Infusion Upgrade, which includes a hand shower attachment, along with the water infusion system

Adding to the home spa-like experience are Sprig’s body and linen mists, and shea butter and kaolin clay bath bombs, all in the same six fragrances. The products utilise natural ingredients and are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, sulphates and formaldehyde, and are not tested on animals. Packaging is made from 94 per cent post-consumer recycled materials, intended to be put back in the recycling system. 


sprig infusion devise pods from kohler

Shower infusion pods from Sprig, Kohler's new wellness brand

(Image credit: Courtesy Sprig)

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