Dior Maison's Lotus homeware is spring fresh

Dior Maison's Cordelia de Castellane is so captivated by the Egyptian lotus flower, she's given it her trademark rustic spin

Glass pitcher and plate
Dior Maison's Spring-fresh table
(Image credit: Courtesy, Dior Maison)

Egyptian blue lotus flowers have mesmerised Dior Maison, with its new Lotus homeware collection arriving in boutiques this month. The ancients revered the blue lotus, and saw it as an omen that order would follow chaos, rising, as it does, from murky waters, bringing light, colour and mystery with it. A noted symbol of rebirth, the Egyptian blue lotus also has powerful spiritual associations, which is why we see it recur in artistic representations through history.

Dior dinner plate floral

Blue Lotus Dinner Plate, £150, at Dior Maison

(Image credit: Courtesy, Maison Dior)

It's obvious why the lotus flower, in its many varieties, has continued to prove an alluring graphic draw for artists and craftsmen. Designers, too, come back to the powerful floral symbol time and again. And so we have the Dior Maison iteration, Lotus, a Spring-fresh range of crockery, painted glassware and hand-embroidered table linen, dreamed up by Dior Maison artistic director Cordelia de Castellane.

Dior Maison candle sticks

Green Lotus Salento Candle Holders, £170, at Dior Maison

(Image credit: Courtesy, Dior Maison)

Rather than drawing her inspiration from the plant's mystical side, however, de Castellane's Lotus has the humble, rustic charm of the designer’s own French country home. She has after all, admitted that she has 'always felt much more like Heidi than a Parisian'. And so here, the 1950s-style palette of washed-out blues and greens adds an even sweeter touch.

Dior glass pitcher

Blue Lotus Carafe, £440, Dior Maison

(Image credit: Courtesy, Maison Dior)

And yet, perhaps without realising it, there is a touch of the metaphysical about Castellane's glass Salento candlesticks, border-stitch embroidered linen napkins and lotus-festooned dinner-plates, because as a whole, surely Lotus points towards Spring's early arrival. From £100, at Dior Maison

Linen napkin

Hand-embroidered Lotus motif napkin

(Image credit: Courtesy, Maison Dior)

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