Abask gets real at Salon Art + Design in New York

Digital retail destination Abask presents its design collectibles as part of a select group of Special Design Partners, a new feature of the fair’s 12th edition (until 13 November 2023)

ABASK at Salon Art + Design: green furniture showspace
(Image credit: Peter Baker)

Abask, the digital retail destination dedicated to collectible craft, has brought an incredible assortment of wares to Salon Art + Design 2023 in New York to be viewed in person. Amongst a select group of Special Design Partners, a new feature of the fair’s 12th edition this year, Abask joins over 50 galleries from around the world to exhibit its goods in the Park Avenue Armory’s historic Drill Hall. 

Known for its exquisite collection of housewares, design objects, games and more, Abask’s presentation showcases over 100 makers and their unique bodies of work from brass objects by Carl Auböck and Osanna Visconti, wooden cutting boards by Lucas Castex and ceramics from Peter Speliopoulos and Ido Ferber, to name just a few.

Abask at Salon Art + Design, New York

ABASK at Salon Art + Design: green furnishings

(Image credit: Peter Baker)

‘We are incredibly excited to be taking part in Salon this year as a part of its newly introduced Special Design Exhibition,’ says Abask co-founder Tom Chapman. ‘It marks the first time that Abask will be realised as a physical space and given that so much of our business stems from the USA we, of course, jumped at the opportunity.’

ABASK at Salon Art + Design: board game

Board game by Alexandra Llewellyn

(Image credit: Peter Baker)

Abask’s booth at the well-heeled art and design fair marks its inaugural physical presentation and, to celebrate, the space has been designed by creative director/set designer Stefan Beckman. To convey the platform’s signature wit and charm, Beckman draped the entire space in a bright shade of green, nodding to the use of monochromatic colour across different historical design periods, such as Hollywood Regency, Victorian and Rococo, and in turn bringing together Abask’s wide collection of styles and products.

‘I wanted to celebrate the eclectic and unique nature of Abask’s home-design objects by creating a fantastical, surreal and immersive world that conveys its warmth and appetite for fun,’ says Beckman. ‘It has all been artfully layered so that the Salon visitor might linger and revel in the discovery of the unexpected and the joy to be found in all of Abask’s collectible design pieces.’

Abask at Salon Art + Design is on view until 13 November 2023

Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue, between 66/67 streets
New York, NY

Shop via abask.com

ABASK at Salon Art + Design

(Image credit: Peter Baker)

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