Last minute make-up ideas for Halloween 2022

Another year, another Halloween party, and no idea what to wear? Our round-up of the best make-up for Halloween 2022 is here to save you from a last-minute horror show

Halloween make-up for mermaid and a business woman by Byredo
(Image credit: Images courtesy of Byredo)

We break down the best products to order for last minute Halloween 2022 make-up

Serge Lutens for gothic artistry 

Spooky Halloween make-up by Serge Lutens

(Image credit: Serge Lutens)

If you are hoping to create a gothic masterpiece this Halloween, there is no better source for inspiration than the maestro of make-up Serge Lutens (opens in new tab).

His own make-up line has the best products for professional-level creations and high art. The primers for face and eyes create the perfect base for holding high levels of pigment for long periods of time. Meanwhile, Lutens’ lip and eye palettes come in rich, dark colours, and the precision tools make them ideal for creating dramatic Halloween looks. (opens in new tab)

Paperwork for drawing patterns and designs

Halloween make-up idea: barcode on neck

(Image credit: Paperwork)

The Imprint sticks from Paperwork come in six high-pigment colours and have a slim precision tip that makes them ideal for drawing any pattern or shape onto the face or body.

Halloween make-up red eyeliner

(Image credit: Paperwork)

Take inspiration from the brand and use them to create polka-dot lips, graphic eye designs, or draw a barcode on your neck to create a costume with minimal effort. (opens in new tab)

Byredo for bold colours 

Byredo colourful Halloween make-up

(Image credit: Byredo)

Byredo is one of the best brands when it comes to colour. Its artful palettes can be used to create just about any look, like ‘Siren’ for a prismatic mermaid or ‘Corporate’ for a bold ‘Working Girl’ aesthetic. The brand’s Colour Sticks, which come in a vast range of shades and are designed for use anywhere on the face, are also great for completing any type of vibrant costume. (opens in new tab)

r.e.m beauty for pretty pastels 

Astronaut Halloween make-up look

(Image credit: r.e.m beauty)

Ariana Grande’s r.e.m beauty line draws much of its inspiration from retro horror and sci-fi aesthetics, which makes it the perfect companion for creating out-of-this-world beauty looks. We recommend the glittery pastel shadows and creams for a dreamy astronaut costume. (opens in new tab)

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