The sixth Berlin Biennale, has an ominous title: 'What is waiting out there'. Addressing real world crises alongside creative ones, the 'out there' that the 43 exhibiting artists reach for includes everything from the media circus around the Joseph Fritzel trial to rebel protestors taking arms against Shell Oil in the Niger Delta.
Political video dominates, though there are some standout concessions to 3D work. For example, Twenty-four-year-old Petrit Halilaj has builders erecting a replica of his family home in Kosovo while chickens run free, in Mitte's KW gallery.
Moving away from its traditional home in the east, however, most of the exhibition has been installed throughout a series of ad hoc venues in the former anarchist haunt of Kreuzberg in the West. In a dilapidated former multi-story supermarket, look out for Henrik Oleson's supremely finickety dissembling of a laptop, with each mysterious component mounted on Perspex.
Round the corner the Danish/Vietnamese artist Danh Vo has turned his apartment into a walk-in artwork, including a bathroom whose tiles bear delicate red ink drawings of flowers that grow on the border between Tibet and China.