Sophie Smallhorn is internationally renowned for her wall-mounted, chromatic sculptures. She has previously produced work for Comme des Garcons’ in Tokyo, and is about to start work with HOK Sport as a colour conscultant for the 2012 Olympic Stadium.
How do you have your hair done?
It is cut short and choppy at Fourth Floor, of course.
What is your favourite Fourth Floor shampoo?
Mint and Lime
What fragrance do you wear?
Eau Dynamisante from Clarins
What fragrance would you buy for your partner?
I wouldn’t know where to start.
Home fragrances – a god send or the devil’s work?
The plug ins are definitely the devil’s work but a smelly candle is always good.
Soap & water vs. cleanse, tone, exfoliate? What brands do you use?
I’m a Pears soap and water sort of girl but I do use Dramatically Different moisturising lotion by Clinique
What is your favourite lipstick? (colour and brand)
Lancome Juicy Tube / marshmallow when I can find it.