Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 New Sensations Prize

Pink structure of a man in a forest
’Natural Inside’ winner of the 2011 New Sensations Prize Finalist Jonny Briggs, 26, is a student at the Royal College of Art. His work in photomontage and tapestry explores the themes of childhood, family and self
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Artist Jonny Briggs has scooped this year's New Sensations Prize. The 26-year-old Royal College of Art graduate won the award - given out annually in Britain by the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 - for his work in photomontage and tapestry, exploring notions of childhood and self. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Glasgow School of Art graduate Gabriella Boyd was given a Special Commendation for her depictions of imagined interiors, inspired by surrealism.

A image of man

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The New Sensations Prize - named after the seminal 1997 exhibition that cemented Saatchi and the YBAs' reputations - is open to all art students graduating from universities and colleges in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Although only five years old, it is already viewed as an important showcase for the art world's future luminarie.

Entrants submit their work online, and from these a long-list of 30 names is selected by the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4. The judging panel - including Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers - then whittles down the list down to 20 names, before selecting four finalists - each of whom receives a bursary to make a new work, as well as having a short Channel 4 film made about them.

The two other finalists for 2011 were Ronin Cho and Krystina Naylor. Their work and that of the other 16 artists short-listed can be seen at the New Sensations exhibition, which runs until 17 October 2011.

Mirrored painting

’The Empathetic vs. The Mimic

(Image credit: Jonny Briggs)

Man holding another man's head close to his chest

’Reclaiming’ by Jonny Briggs

(Image credit: Jonny Briggs)

Painting of a red rope on a stairs

’Green Sofa’ who was awarded a Special Commendation

Finalist Gabriella Boyd, 23, is a student  at Glasgow School of Art. Her series of paintings of invented interiors are inspired by Surrealism

(Image credit: Gabriella Boyd)

Painting of room with blue walls and hanging picture

’Blue Room’

(Image credit: Gabriella Boyd)

Painting, a picture of a chair and a woman

’Orange Room’

(Image credit: Gabriella Boyd)

A box

’Untitled (open box I)’

Finalist Krystina Naylor, 22, is a student at Nottingham Trent University. Inspired by Trompe L’oeil, this series of sculptures convinces the viewer at first sight that it is an open cardboard box. It is only on closer inspection that its true form is revealed

(Image credit: Krystina Naylor)

Open cardboard box

’Untitled (open box I)’

(Image credit: Krystina Naylor)

Close circuit pump on a blue crate

’Mindless Consumption’

Finalist Ronin Cho, 29, is a student at Goldmsiths. His kinetic sculptures enforce the idea that ’the practical application of technology can support the creation of art or be a central component to the formation of it.’ Mindless Consumption is a closed circuit pump system which circulates water in the tube.

(Image credit: Ronin Cho)

A white door with a hand as the handle

’We know this but we just don’t know how to show it’

(Image credit: Ronin Cho)

Red colour pattered rug

’Homage to Old Rug Makers’

(Image credit: Ronin Cho)


’Untitled’ from the series ’What We Talk About When We Talk About Love’ 

(Image credit: Catherine Parsonage)

An ax

’Points of Light (detail)’

(Image credit: Charles Ogilvie)

Pile of green leaves outside

’Untitled’ from the series ’Domestic Drift’ 

(Image credit: Clare Gallagher)

Feather art

’Feathers Suspended in Interior’

(Image credit: Emily Platzer)

Photo of a naked body in a fetal position

’Surface 2’ 

(Image credit: Emma Critchley)



(Image credit: Ernesto Canovas)

Wood cane

’Untitled (Walking Stick)’

(Image credit: Jeremy Hutchison)

Names of people on a wall

’There are people’

(Image credit: Joonho Kwon)

Colourful pillar on an exterior of a building

’£ 1 000 000 | 1 000 opinions’ 

(Image credit: Julia Vogl)

Colourful shapes on the floor

’Shifty I and Shifty II’

(Image credit: Kira Freije)

Photo of a mum and her two children

’Zargan with her sons, Chechnya’ 

(Image credit: Marianna Chojnacka)



(Image credit: Tal Regev)



(Image credit: Tom Howse)

yellow painting

’Untitled. Yellow 1.5’

(Image credit: Yelena Popova)


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