From Wall Street to Studio 54: a short film celebrates Larry Fink

Celebrating Larry Fink, Fellowship presents ‘Fink’, a short film diving into the pioneering photographer’s creative mind

Larry Fink in hat, holding newspaper, film still from FINK, 2024
(Image credit: Courtesy of Larry Fink and Fellowship)

Photography platform Fellowship celebrates the life of pioneering American photographer Larry Fink (1941-2023) with an intimate short documentary that offers a glimpse into his creativity and aesthetic process.

Available on Fellowship’s website, Fink, directed by Lisa Schiller, dives into the photographer’s work, which spans from intimate family portraits to political satire, and the Lockdown Diaries reflecting on quarantine during the Covid pandemic.

Discover the artistic world of Larry Fink

Larry Fink holding a camera

Larry Fink

(Image credit: Aidan Grant)

Fellowship focuses on uniting the past and the present, to inspire emerging artists. Accompanying the short film, the platform is also hosting ‘Larry Fink: A Life of Looking’, a digital exhibition and NFT sale curated by photography director Holly Hay, formerly of Wallpaper*. The retrospective presents more than 100 works from across Fink’s 65-year career, diving into his artistic development and subject matter, from Wall Street protests to Studio 54 clubbers, and life on his Pennsylvania farm.

Black and white photo of two people biting into the same apple

Larry Fink, Amanda Evon Apple Eaters, 10-9-2012

(Image credit: Larry FInk)

Hay began collaborating with Fink on the retrospective back in 2022. She notes: ‘Larry is part of so many people's visual vocabulary without their perhaps knowing it's Larry Fink. This visual retrospective accesses all areas of the important, exclusive and everyday through the eyes of the most curious photographer I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Fellowship is working to give the best photography the platform it deserves, alongside building and preserving legacy through technology and education. The blockchain protects work but also harnesses a brand-new, very engaged audience. We all know the work of Larry Fink, but via this project, we will know the man and the intentions too.’

Young people in Harlem, black and white photograph

Larry Fink, Harlem Youth, May Neuhaws

(Image credit: Larry FInk)

Fink was open to the possibilities of storytelling through digital technologies, saying in 2023, ‘As a photographer who will be turning 82 this year and spending time looking at thousands of photographs I have taken since I was just a boy, I often feel I am living in the past tense. My days are spent examining images of earlier times, and judging their place in a retrospective of my work of what is deemed to be seen or not. Creating these NFTs puts me in the present tense, sharing my photographs and life with a new audience, adding an introspective education to both the viewer and myself. It delights me.’

Larry Fink A Life of Looking

Larry Fink, Harlem Youth

(Image credit: Larry FInk)

Larry Fink at a dinner table, in a still from the film Fink

A still from the film, Fink

(Image credit: Courtesy of Larry Fink and Fellowship)

Larry Fink talking to two people outside a cabin

Behind the scenes of Fink

(Image credit: Nicco Quinto)

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