The final artwork is a delicate composition that recalls the original 1902 design; an ethereal arabesque dotted with white Japanese anemones - flowers that, says Azuma, are ’as calm as they are beautiful’, that represent truth and sincerity, presented in a way that heightens their ’fragility and transparency’.

Azuma’s composition of green and white, broken only by the yellow pistils of the anemones, appears on the white box of the limited-edition cuvée, the Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Florale Edition.

The motif is repeated on the bottle, subtly reinterpreted in gold, with stylised flowers and foliage delicately weaving their glittering lines around Émile Gallé’s white anemones.

For this special edition, there was also a third artist involved, Hervé Deschamps, Perrier-Jouët’s cellar master, who chose the 2004 vintage as ’the perfect expression of an exceptional year, the absolute essence of Perrier-Jouët.’ After ageing for six years, this vintage now represents the elegant, floral style of the brand and the best Côte des Blancs chardonnays. It is stylish and silky, a champagne with a luxuriantly long finish and a taste that hints at flowers and white fruit before evolving into subtly spicy notes of marzipan.

’The frame in which the flowers are suspended expresses a contemporary vision of beauty,’ says Azuma, echoing Perrier-Jouët’s maxim ’Beauty is a form of genius.’ ’I wanted to visualise what it is that people imagine when they drink this champagne.’
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