Paperfinger: Calligraphy and hand-drawn design

Napkin with shop front sketch
(Image credit: TBC)

Breathing new life into the time-honored art of calligraphy, Paperfinger, a new hand-drawn design company, brings a personalized, human quality to everything from wedding announcements to logo designs. The truly homegrown business started in founder Bryn Chernoff's living room in October 08 when she decided to stray from her background in computer science to pursue her longtime love of the decidedly analog world of ink and paper.

Small sketch of a city street

(Image credit: TBC)

See more of Paperfinger's past designs

Chernoff now works from a Brooklyn studio where she hand-letters everything from cards and invitations to illustrations and personalized logos—basically, any visual design requiring her meticulously-rendered loops and elegant lines. For true romantics, Paperfinger will even transcribe a love letter, lending refined beauty to sentiment that's sure to impress the receiver. 

Accomplished in a variety of styles, the young designer works on everything from top-quality Italian stationary to napkins and experiments with tree-less mediums like sea shells, fallen leaves and teacups. In addition to hand-written pieces, Paperfinger also creates replicable designs, like high-quality custom stamps and digital files for letterpress or other mass printing options.

Check out the Paperfinger site to see her range of styles, and stay tuned for an upcoming line of products in the near future. Contact Chernoff directly to develop a personalized font or design and follow her excellent blog, Papertastebuds, to keep up with Paperfinger and the daily inspirations behind it. 

by Doug Black