Located in Nova Lima, south of Belo Horizonte, and set in an undulating landscape, this sizeable private complex forms a house and gallery for an art enthusiast, a total of 1240m2.

Humberto Hermeto, together with collaborator André Gabrich and engineer Márcio Gonçalves, have designed a generously sized property, with five en-suite bedrooms and expansive living spaces opening up to terraces and a pool beyond. The art gallery is set beneath it on the ground floor level, an air-conditioned, artificially lit space with a generous mezzanine, plenty of wall space and white walls, floors and ceilings. Staff accommodation is also set below the slender form of the main house, which in turn sits beneath an 81m long roof, a reinforced concrete portico that reaches across to shelter the stepped entrance.

’The existing views guide the various openings,’ says Hermeto, ’from every room one can see the mountains. This long volume is dotted with open porches, interspersed with enclosed spaces for the kitchen, sauna and bedrooms. A central core contains an elevator which takes one from the residence straight down to the gallery, via the underground garage.