A private residence designed for a couple and their two dogs, Arc House is the latest offering from East Hampton-based practice Maziar Behrooz Architecture.
Its signature feature, the striking curved roof, was a result of the combination of practicality and aesthetics. The plot, located under the flight path of the local airport, as well as a train track, was subject to noise pollution, while both the architects and owners were keen to create a self-supporting column-free flowing interior. A hangar-type space, created using industrial building technology seemed the obvious way to go about solving both problems at once.
Working with a curve size that would make the space feel airy, comfortable and at the same time homely, Behrooz also created two large openings on the two opposite sides of the curve, overlooking the landscaped garden and surrounding nature as well as offering views through to different parts of the house.
By placing the main living areas, including the owner's art collection, under the curved roof, while situating the bedrooms in an adjacent flat roof structure, the architect separated the private parts of the house from the more social ones. The lower level houses an office, a sitting room, a garage and a gym.
Energy-saving techniques, SIP panels, high-thermal windows, closed-cell foam insulation, were employed throughout the house; all adding up to a structure that not only looks and feels great, but one that consumes considerably less energy than others of a similar size.