‘Punk meets brutalism’: discover super-cool jewellery brand Peruffo

Peruffo’s award-winning jewellery offers a playful take on form

Peruffo jewellery as part of surreal collages
(Image credit: Peruffo)

Italian brand Peruffo plays with fluid shapes and unexpected proportions for offbeat, design-led jewellery. 

The brand is quickly becoming a favourite of jewellery aficionados, recently picking up awards including Best Debut Brand at this year’s Couture Show in Las Vegas for a unique gold and blue agate stud collar necklace. ‘This piece is the result of a disruptive aesthetic that has been built throughout the entire creative journey of Peruffo where, concisely put, punk meets brutalism,’ says the brand’s CEO Enrico Peruffo. ‘It combines concepts and shapes from our “Studs” and “Slide” collections, with the repetition of moving elements featuring our brand symbol – the pyramid stud. Marta [Martino, our creative director] really wanted to go to a bold extreme this time and have the opportunity to blend the sharp and radical aesthetics of Peruffo in one statement piece.’

gold Peruffo necklace

(Image credit: Peruffo)

Creating the flexible curves of the award-winning necklace was not without its challenges: ‘Given its size and volume it was very difficult to create the aesthetic look and make it easy to wear. We were able to give a perfect curvature to the necklace, designing each single module separately, so that it  would make the necklace movable and flexible, therefore fitting comfortably on any neck.’

gold ring on hand

(Image credit: Peruffo)

The piece joins established collections ‘Studs’ and ‘Slide’, which embody this modernist movement. ‘In our view, contemporary jewellery must expand the scene of the current arts and rethink the very idea of projects, through constant influences coming from creative contexts such as fashion, arts and architecture,’ Peruffo adds. ‘That’s why we have all the people on our Peruffo team coming from different industries outside of goldsmithing. Added to this we combine a very high level of technical expertise and more than 45 years of experience in gold manufacturing in our company.’


bracelet on arm

(Image credit: Peruffo)

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