Form meets function as Le Gramme marks ten years of jewellery design

French men’s jewellery brand Le Gramme unveils the ‘Triptych’ cable bracelet

silver cable bracelet by Le Gramme
(Image credit: Le Gramme)

French men’s jewellery brand Le Gramme is marking its ten-year anniversary with a chic rethink of the minimalist silhouettes it has made its own.

In the hands of Le Gramme CEO and designer Erwan le Louër, jewellery design is imbued with functionality, transforming the aesthetics of a piece in a savvy rethink of form. Now, new pieces are nodding to this design history, with the ‘Triptych’ inspired by Le Gramme’s classic cable bracelet.

‘Triptych’ cable bracelet by Le Gramme

two ends of silver cable bracelet by Le Gramme, ready to connect

(Image credit: Le Gramme)

‘Here we find the famous cylindrical jewellery clasp framed by two half cylinders,’ the brand says of the distinctive design codes. ‘This new version of the cable bracelet reinforces its industrial and technical inspiration.’

A cylindrical clasp in three parts cuts a gently rounded silhouette, with le Louër inspired by Richard Serra’s inverted sculptures, which are translated into a play on geometry, placing the clasp firmly at the centre of the design. ‘Erwan was inspired by Serra’s accumulation of monumental cylinders. An immersive and meditative experience, these sculptures were presented in an exhibition entitled “Triptychs and Diptychs” in 2019 at the Gagosian gallery in NYC.’

Le Gramme silver Triptych cable bracelet

(Image credit: Le Gramme)

Created in two versions, silver and a mix of 18ct gold and silver, the pieces stay faithful to Le Gramme’s original industrial design traditions. ‘The real challenge of this collection, for all the cable bracelets, lies in the execution of an absolutely perfect and pure creation,’ the brand adds. ‘Each finish is thought of in the slightest detail. Behind an apparent simplicity hides, in reality, an object of great complexity made in France in our exceptional workshops.’

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