Unusual gemstones and eclectic design codes unite in La Tache Bobo

La Tache Bobo brings an irreverence to fine jewellery

Model wears blue necklace by La Tache Bobo
(Image credit: La Tache Bobo)

Elena Gondorf looks to unusual gemstones for the foundation of her eclectic and rich jewellery designs for La Tache Bobo. ‘La Tache Bobo jewellery is about identity, with emphasis on craftsmanship and a unique take on transforming precious raw materials into wearable works of art,’ she says. ‘Our jewellery is a lot about the gemstones – and each collection tells a story. My inspirations come from my travels and from the unique gemstones we source. 

‘I’m always trying to create fresh, timeless jewellery, with each collection having a unique balance between dream and rationality. The pieces are entirely handcrafted by expert artisans in a small atelier in limited quantities. True to La Tache Bobo’s mission of “democratising fine jewellery“, our jewellery is contemporary, uber-luxe, and fair-priced.’

The latest collection is inspired by malgache electric blue apatite sourced directly from mines in Madagascar. ‘It is an insider ́s gemstone with its Indian Ocean blue that rivals Paraiba tourmaline,’ Gondorf adds. ‘Pushing boundaries offers a fresh perspective. Traditional silhouettes and designs often carry a certain expectation and familiarity, they are safe and widely accepted. However, we try to create a sense of intrigue, novelty, and individuality. In essence, being drawn to unexpected cuts and placements in jewellery design is about embracing difference, challenging conventions, and celebrating individuality and innovation. La Tache Bobo collections are an homage to those who dream big.’

Ensuring gemstones are responsibly sourced comes with its own challenges. ‘Gemstones are witnessed by the La Tache Bobo team when visiting and sourcing directly from mines in the most remote places. Some would call this a challenge – we call it a passion. Every jewellery piece is handmade and checked for quality and fit. Ensuring that the jewellery fits and stays as intended when being worn by our customers requires careful adjustments and calibrations to our designs. We make sure that our jewellery is not only beautiful but also wearable.’


Hannah Silver is the Art, Culture, Watches & Jewellery Editor of Wallpaper*. Since joining in 2019, she has overseen offbeat design trends and in-depth profiles, and written extensively across the worlds of culture and luxury. She enjoys meeting artists and designers, viewing exhibitions and conducting interviews on her frequent travels.