We’re tuning into D’heygere’s DVD hoops

The humble DVD is given a rethink by Paris-based accessories brand D’heygere

DvD earrings by D‘heygere
(Image credit: D'Heygere)

At last, someone has figured out what we can do with our neglected DVD collection, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Paris-based accessories brand D’heygere has turned its subversive eye to the humble DVD, pairing it with 925 sterling silver for the ultimate accessory.

‘It was my personal DVD collection that inspired this,’ says Stéphanie D'heygere. ‘It's been a while since I’ve watched my DVDs. I didn't really want to get rid of them –nostalgia I guess – but to keep them was a waste of space in my apartment.’

DVD earrings by D’heygere

DvD earring made of Blade runner DVD by D’Heygere

(Image credit: D'Heygere)

By combining the quotidian items with precious materials, D'heygere both stays faithful to the aesthetic of the brand and makes upcycling chic. ‘I'm keen to include upcycled accessories in the collections,’ she explains. ‘It's a nice challenge and each piece is unique, which is a nice plus.’

Hand holds up DvD earrings made of Bisounours DVD

(Image credit: D'Heygere)

The DVD earrings, available now from the brand directly and soon to be rolled out with other retailers, rethink favourite movies including Alien, Moon, Seven, Bisounours, Fantastic Planet and Blade Runner. The earrings, priced at €160, are available as single pieces. Due to the nature of the creation method, each piece is unique.

For D’heygere, the technicality required to bring a new functionality to the DVD was the most challenging part of the process. ‘It's a material we've never used before, nor have we used the factory in Italy before,’ she adds of the production partner. ‘Ordinary objects have always been an inspiration, so now we take it a little step further.’


DvD earrings

(Image credit: D'Heygere)

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