Cloud nine: Bleue Burnham, Skydiamond and Gucci Vault’s dreamy new jewellery

Bleue Burnham’s new jewellery collection takes inspiration from the sky

Left, woman wearing Bleue Burnham jewellery against a green background. Right, woman stands in giant, cloud-lke ring
Left, ‘The Cloud’ bracelet, Skydiamond pavé. Right, ‘The Mini Cloud’ ring
(Image credit: Bleue Burnham)

The billowing forms of clouds are the inspiration for a dreamy new jewellery collection by Bleue Burnham, who has collaborated with Skydiamond. The pieces, available exclusively at Gucci’s experimental online space, Vault, encompass voluminous forms in gold and silver speckled with diamonds. 

‘We chose clouds as a symbol of imagination (for a brighter future), the magnificence of nature, and also humankind’s relationship with clouds via cloud pruning and topiary,’ the jewellery designer tells us of the inspiration behind the collection. ‘This is also closely linked to Skydiamond’s process of diamond making.’

Diamonds created from the carbon in the atmosphere

ring by Bleue Burnham on green background

‘The Cloud’ eternity ring, Skydiamond pavé, price on request, from Gucci Vault (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Bleue Burnham)

Skydiamond’s process of creating diamonds by removing carbon from the atmosphere appealed to Burnham, who saw a close alignment between their two brands. ‘As soon as we heard about Skydiamond, we were truly amazed at what they were doing, and we needed to work with them. Firstly because our values on environmental progression were deeply aligned. But we also felt we could expand their narrative into something beautiful. Traditional diamonds are formed underground when carbon is subject to high pressure and heat. Skydiamonds, however, are made by removing excess carbon (a significant contributor to climate change) from the atmosphere and turning this into a diamond. Essentially turning [something] bad into intense beauty. This all happens on a localised, renewably powered site in the British countryside.’

cloud-shaped pendant necklace by Bleue Burnham against a green background

‘The Cloud’ pendant, £895, from Gucci Vault (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Bleue Burnham)

The new pieces build on Burnham’s previous collaboration with Gucci Vault while shifting the focus to new and sustainable methods. ‘It was a very straightforward process as we all leant on each other's specialities,’ she adds. ‘SkyDiamond created the diamonds, we visualised the concept, development and design and brought this to life, while the Vault team and [then-Gucci creative director] Alessandro Michele made their selection and continued to build the campaign around it.’ (opens in new tab)

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