The updated Tag Heuer Connected puts swimmers and runners through their paces

With an updated app, the Tag Heuer Connected is the ultimate sports watch

Two Tag sports watches side by side against a white background.
(Image credit: Tag Heuer)

Runners and swimmers take note: sophisticated upgrades in sports watches make for the best chance of hitting your personal best. The Tag Heuer Connected is a case in point – already a user-friendly sports watch, updates to its app mean both swimmers and indoor runners can intricately analyse, and consequently improve, their performance.

‘When going to the pool, swimmers love to have both the summary and details about their swim session: count the number of laps they are doing, how long each lap lasted, have statistics on swim types they used for each lap, and summary of their session and so on. This is important information to help them improve over time; the new TAG Heuer Swimming application provides all this, and clients love it,’ explains Teddy Florent, managing director – Connected Watch at TAG Heuer. Those running indoors will be able to access more detailed information on their heart rate level and pace which, when taken into account with the calories burned, will paint a wider picture of the run’s intensity.

Tag sports watch with blue rubber strap and red and black face.

(Image credit: Tag Heuer)

The new additions to the app build on the features of 2020’s Connected Watch, which offered analysis tools for golfers, cyclists, runners and walkers. Swimmers can now see their number of laps, total distance and interval breakdowns as well as a detailed analysis of strokes and pace. Swimmers can also discover the efficiency of each lap thanks to a performance indicator which calculates the seconds and strokes in a fixed distance.

As well as the useful technicality of the watch, simple design codes ensure its aesthetic isn’t compromised. ‘We wanted to offer a sports tool but one with refinement, elegance and a unique design,’ adds Florent. ‘When it comes to hardware, our high standards on thinness, lightness and look sometimes conflict with the strong tech specs: waterproofness, GPS and heart rate, for example. Our design and our hardware teams work hand in hand years ahead of the launch of a new collection to challenge all conflicting requirements, and allow time to come up with creative ideas to provide the best of all worlds


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