Classic meets cool in Nomos Glashütte’s platinum grey watch design

Two new Tangente Neomatik watches draw on Nomos Glashütte’s clean German design codes

grey Nomos watch
The Nomos Glashütte Tangente Neomatik watch in platinum grey
(Image credit: TBC)

German watch brand Nomos Glashütte imbues a classic watch design with a coolly contemporary hue in the new Tangente Neomatik models, with two new sizes offering a modern reinterpretation of the company’s most popular piece.

For Nomos Glashütte chief branding officer Judith Borowski, the key design elements of the watch – from the clean typography to the facets and flat sapphire crystal glass – meant that only minimalist hues would suit this new edition. ‘This watch is an icon that should be changed only cautiously in terms of design. Black and white, silver and grey suit it best. Plus, drawing colours in homoeopathic doses,’ says Borowski. ‘Now grey – platinum grey. For me, this watch fits our times. We no longer long for fast- moving fashions, but for values, for things that last. A mechanical watch from Glashütte is a companion for life, not just something for a few years. The Tangente is perhaps predestined to last forever like few other watches from Glashütte. It gets better and more beautiful with every glance. And with its elegant, understated platinum grey dial: even more so.

watch face, one of two new Nomos watches in platinum grey

(Image credit: TBC)

The platinum metal makes a rich foil both for the gold lettering on the dial and the slender typography with discreet serifs that was created in the 1920s; design codes inspired by the Bauhaus still appear ultra-modern a century later. ‘Tangente is first and foremost a consummate Glashütte watch,’ Borowski adds. ‘And that is exactly what its design expresses: it is about precision, about longevity and about underlining the personality of the wearer.

‘The design is not in the foreground, but serves the essence and function of the product. We refrain from stereotypes, from the creative exaggeration of masculinity or femininity, and the colour (almost always) comes from the material, as is the case here with Tangente Neomatik platinum grey.’


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