Georg Jensen’s ‘Moonlight Grapes’ jewellery is good enough to eat

The new ‘Moonlight Grapes’ jewellery collection from Georg Jensen revisits classic themes

Model wearing Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes gold jewellery
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A sculptural sleekness has become synonymous with Georg Jensen jewellery, with pieces defined by curved forms and clean lines. In new collection ‘Moonlight Grapes’, Georg Jensen’s original 1920s grape-shaped designs are imbued with a wearable modernity.

Clusters of sterling silver and 18ct gold orbs gather on the earlobes, fingers and wrists in new ear cuffs, earrings, rings and bracelets. ‘“Moonlight Grapes” are no ordinary beaded jewellery,’ says Georg Jensen creative director Ragnar Hjartarson. ‘They are quintessentially Georg Jensen, born from one of our oldest silver icons, yet with a strikingly contemporary appeal.’

New Georg Jensen jewellery

Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes gold jewellery

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Diamond-studded rings cut graphic silhouettes, while rounded hoops put a chic spin on a traditional silhouette. Differently sized spheres line up on some pieces in a play on proportion; on others, repeating patterns of grapes make for elegant bracelets.

‘This campaign is about unleashing the power of “Moonlight Grapes”: to embolden and empower women through stunning jewellery designs – making each moment [their] own,’ Hjartarson adds.

Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes silver jewellery

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The pieces build on the original 2010 ‘Moonlight Grapes’ collection, which married craftsmanship with a warm tactility. The new designs nod to this heritage in their depth of colour, with the oxidation process the sterling silver is subjected to adding a brilliant play on light.

Other pieces, in yellow gold and sprinkled with diamonds, make a warm complement to the traditional sterling silver the Copenhagen-based brand is celebrated for.

Georg Jensen jewellery in gold

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silver necklace: Georg Jensen jewellery from the Moonlight Grapes collection

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