Pow wow: Ambush joins the metaverse with NFT jewellery

Ambush has imagined its ‘Pow!’ jewellery as NFTs; creative director Yoon Ahn explains her vision

green pow ring
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Ready or not, the metaverse is here, and it is rapidly expanding as a host of designers flock to join it. The latest company to embrace digital reality is fashion and jewellery brand Ambush, which is rethinking its bold ‘Pow!’ jewellery as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

‘Pow! rings are the genesis of our brand. They became our design language and stand for more than just a ring,’ says Ambush creative director Yoon Ahn. ‘As we enter this new dimension, bringing back the first item we ever made makes perfect sense, to kick off and connect to what is to come later in the metaverse we are building.’

‘Pow!’ rings as jewellery NFTs

white pow ring as NFT jewellery

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The Ambush rings, first released in 2008, are now to become a collection of 2,022 NFTs as part of the ‘Pow!’ reboot. As well as the NFT itself, customers will receive access to physical products and events, as well as a host of other perks.

‘You have to think bigger than what is in front of you,’ Ahn adds. ‘Web3 tech is a system that will help creators to expand more than the physical form to connect to customers. We have always been keen to find a new way to connect, and the time can’t be any better than now, since more people are familiar with this space. If we started too early it would have taken so much work to try to convince people to understand, but now even a kid down the street knows what an NFT is.’

The designs are as bold and graphic as the original, with a creative process that was reassuringly uncomplicated: ‘There aren't many challenges, as many of my designs are very graphic. So far so good. It's just the size of data that gets heavier the more detailed we get. It’s pop art, it's a statement, it's a thought, it's a way of thinking. The ring reflects all of this, beyond just a one-dimension aesthetic.’

purple pow ring as NFT jewellery

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