Samsung GALAXY TAB S takes colour to another dimension

Samsung GALAXY TAB S takes colour to another dimension

Wallpaper* has partnered with Samsung and leading intermedia artist Marcos Lutyens to explore the modern city, starting with his home town of Los Angeles. Lutyens’ work blends art and performance, accommodating our almost unconscious reactions to colour in artwork that changes our perception of the places we live in

The GALAXY TAB S has a Super AMOLED screen and advanced camera, allowing it to capture vivid images of everything that passes before the artist’s eye. Its Adaptive Display technology proved invaluable as Lutyens delved into his imagery, undertaking research and making visual experiments. By ensuring the screen is optimised for true colour reproduction in whichever application he’s using, Adaptive Display turns the TAB S into the ultimate artist’s portal, able to reproduce every colour of the rainbow with perfect fidelity.

Multitasking is also transformed by Samsung’s Multi Window system, which enables Lutyens to divide up his on-screen tasks into functional chunks, letting apps and tools exist side by side. Sketch, draw, check e-mail, watch a film, browse the web and keep up with your feeds all at one, thanks to the fast processor and spacious 10.5in or 8.4in screen.

Together with Wallpaper and Lutyens, the GALAXY Tab S has opened a window onto the city. The end result will be an innovative global installation designed to explore the way we respond to colour, weather and our unconscious desires.

Experience Lutyens’ installation precisely as the artist intended, thanks to Samsung’s most innovative and elegant tablet to date, the GALAXY Tab S.

Wallpaper*: How are you influenced by Los Angeles?
Marcos Lutyens: There’s a feeling in LA of being connected to your natural surroundings – you can see the terrain, the sea, the grid, the parks, the mountains. There’s an incredible spectrum of not just culture but nature.

W*: What are the key elements of your work?
ML: I like to collaborate, bring people together; a lot of my work is performance based.

W*: How do you describe your relationship with technology?
ML: For an artist to be relevant, they need to work with technology. It brings a rush of creative possibilities.

W*: How will you translate your urban experience into an artwork?
ML: This experience of LA through the GALAXY Tab S has generated ideas and experiments and the seeds of a big idea. I like the possibility of communicating with images and sound - I want people to feel intuitively aware of how each city has a different pace.

W*: How will the installation work?
ML: The basic premise is to tie emotions and colour and weather together, and counterbalance the effects that weather has. For example, on a cold, grey rainy day we’re trying to use colours to counter that.

W*: How does the Galaxy TAB S help your workflow?
ML: It’s incredible the way it’s so lightweight and thin. I also like to use the Multi Screen capability; you can cruise through the internet and make notes and grab images, all at the same time.

W*: How can colour transform our lives?
ML: When we go about our daily lives we’re kind of half asleep and not aware of all the colours that are around us. Take those filters away and you’re aware that colours are much brighter. You can enhance your senses to take in a wider, broader spectrum.

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